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MATRIX MTX4 V2 16m Pole Package

MATRIX MTX4 V2 16m Pole Package

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The new MTX 4 Ultra Pole hits a new price point making it one of the best value poles available on the market today. Completely redesigned from the original MTX 4 pole to offer a pole that now bridges the gap perfectly between the MTX 3 and new MTX 5. This pole has been carefully tested by our consultants and we know everyone who picks it up will be impressed.

The MTX4 V2 is a new additional price point in the range slotting in between the mid-price and high end. It really is something special…

It’s been developed to handle the vigour of modern-day commercial fishing but remain ultra-responsive.

This pole incorporates incredible balance, strength and rigidity, this pole really offers top end performance.

  • Manufactured using the highest grades of Japanese carbon fibre and resins.
  • Designed as an all-round competition pole ideal for commercials or finesse silver fishing.
  • All poles are built on the same mandrel which makes the range fully interchangeable between the existing MTX poles and reengineered V2 models.
  • Features include our MST layering technology, Glide tape finish and Reinforced 1k carbon weave joints.
  • No3 and No4 sections are fitted with Matrix protective nose cones.
  • All top kits come fitted with PTFE bushes and the Revolve Side Puller fitted
  • EVA bungs come fitted to all mini extensions to help prevent pole damage.
  • MTX4 Ultra 16m product details:
  • Length: 16m (including mini extension)
  • Closed Length: 1800mm
  • No of sections: 10
  • Weight @ 11m 625g
  • Weight @ 13m 884g
  • Weight @ 14.5m 1156g
  • Weight @ 16m 1482g

MTX4 Ultra 16m Package includes:

  • 16m MTX4 V2 Pole
  • 3x Match Kit 2 (Total number of top kits including the top kit inside the pole)
  • 3x Power Kit 2
  • 3x Grey Short Kits
  • 1x Cupping Kit
  • 2x Mini Extensions (11.5/13m 14.5/16m)
  • 1x Ethos Pole Holdall
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