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Preston Inception 360

Preston Inception 360

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Building on the success of the Inception SL30 Seatbox, the Inception 360 comes complete with the same 100mm deep base unit and deep compartmented side draw unit but has a 360-degree rotating seat on top which provides the user with comfort and is perfect when fishing in the margins.

Each unit comes complete with the Revolutionary Mag-Lok clips, these ensure that the units are held securely together but can be opened in a second, giving access to the base compartment. The footplate is secured with two plungers, one on each side. It can be locked securely for storage and when in use meaning the footplate is in the perfect position each time.

The 360 Seat Unit is also available separately and can be used on any Inception or Absolute Seat box.


360 Seat Unit

Deep Side Drawer Unit

100mm Container Base Unit

2 x 30mm Telescopic Seatbox Legs 45cm

2 x 30mm Telescopic Seatbox Legs 50cm

2 x 30mm Standard Seatbox Legs 45cm

Cassette & Footplate

Deluxe Padded Shoulder Strap

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