In Store

Our Shop Parkfield Angling Centre is a huge carp + coarse mega store with 1000’s of products on display, deals from wall to wall and just about everything in stock that you could possibly need!

We offer lot’s of things in store that we do not offer online. This includes fresh maggot, worm and caster. Along with our very own menu of freshly prepared particles, cooked by the big man himself!

Our maggots are only £2.10  a pint

Dendrabena Worm is in an array of quantities, starting at £2.25 for a small tub going up to £18.50 for a kilo.

On the Particle Menu we have lots to offer… Including :

  • Hemp from £6 for 3kg
  • Parti – Spod Mix from £3.50 for 3kg
  • Tiger Nuts from £6.50 for 2kg
  • Hemp + Maize Mix from £4 for 3kg

Our particle is cooked fresh and frozen. We can cook it up however you like, tell us what you want cooking and we’ll get the stove on! Big deals on big orders 😉

We also have a huge stock of Coppens pellets in store, which we bag up and sell, or you can buy them by the sack.

Coppens Coarse Pellet 25kg £40

Coppens Carp Dark Pellet 25kg £40

We can post these by the sack but there would be a postage fee, just call us for a price.

We do also have Second hand gear in store, and we’re always up for a part-ex deal. If you’re looking to upgrade or change your gear, why not bring in your current stuff and see what you can get for it! No brainer!



If you have any other enquiries, anything at all please don’t be shy – pick up that phone and give us a call. We’re always happy to help. 07714949624