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AQUA Atom Landing Net - 2 Piece

AQUA Atom Landing Net - 2 Piece

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The Aqua Atom 2 Piece Landing Net makes retrieving a specimen carp to the bankside safely and quickly without causing yourself or the fish too much distress. The two-piece net is built around a bespoke high-quality spreader block that balances out the net head and handle perfectly to work with heavy fish. This spreader block design also aids a quick assemble that is also incredibly secure.

The 6ft net handle and arms are constructed from 1k aero grade carbon fibre and anodised aluminium components meaning that Aqua can deliver a lightweight stiff frame with this net that saves your tired arms.

The deep mesh allows for you to temporarily retain your catch as it flows freely through the water, encapsulating your prized catch. Netting is also made easy with the quarter-length shrink-wrap grip for assured handling.

The two-piece handle makes transportation convenient and easy as it has a packed size of 105cm x 5cm.

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