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AQUA Buoyant Weigh Slings

AQUA Buoyant Weigh Slings

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Every consideration has been given to the safety of carp weighing up to 40lb, who are supported, and kept calm and comfortable, in this well thought out bankside essential, that's designed to give you the safest and most effective way to weigh your prize catch once you've brought it to the bank, minimising the amount of handling the fish are subjected to, reducing stress, and making injury less likely.

Supplied with a stink sleeve that keeps the rest of your tackle clean and dry, and which also acts to contain unpleasant, fishy smells until you get home, and can wash your tackle kit.

Designed for fish, with consideration given to the needs and preferences of anglers, this high quality weighing sling is the perfect choice for any keen carp angler. Tested for carp up to 40lb, this weigh sling should see the intermediate angler right through the range of specimens you're likely to catch in British waters.

A secure cord fastening allows you to secure your weigh sling to bank sticks, keeping it closer to the water, and making it even easier to look after the fish you catch. Simple, stylish, and the perfect addition to your angling set up, the Aqua Buoyant Weigh Sling is the perfect choice for carp and coarse anglers everywhere.

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