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AVID Lok Down Compact Pod

AVID Lok Down Compact Pod

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The Lok Down Compact Pod has been designed to pack away small and near, yet still have optimal adjustability.

Featuring an adjustable main bar and fold out compact legs, the pod can be used on any bank, from platforms, staging and hard ground.

  • 3-Rod Lok Down Compact Pod
  • Fully adjustable double centre bar
  • Spirt levels built into pod
  • Supplied with 11” and 12” 3-rod buzz bars
  • 4 x 6” Lok Down legs
  • Supplied in an A-Spec pod bag
  • Open Dimensions (cm) 35-49 x 30 x 67.5-106
  • Closed Dimensions (cm) 11 x 15 x 57 
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