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AVID QC Bag Stem

AVID QC Bag Stem

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Anglers seeking a reliable and efficient solution for changing rigs when using Solid PVA bag presentations, look no further. The Avid Carp QC Bag Stems provide a versatile platform that allows you to construct a compact and effective bag with ease. With the Outline Camouflage design, these bag stems remain discreet on the lake bed once your rig is in place, ensuring you have the advantage over wary fish.

Available in two sizes, the Long (H 4mm x W 4mm x L 85mm) and Short (H 4mm x W 4mm x L 75mm) stems cater to different angling preferences, ensuring you have the perfect tool for your specific requirements. The durable plastic construction ensures these stems withstand continuous use, making them an ideal choice for anglers who demand longevity from their tackle.

  • Long: H 4mm x W 4mm x L 85mm
  • Short: H 4mm x W 4mm x L 75mm
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