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Avid Transit Extreme Barrow

Avid Transit Extreme Barrow

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The Transit Extreme Barrow boasts a whole host of innovative features that will make transporting heavy loads over long distances a much easy task than ever before. Multi-width sidebars now allow for your gear to be loaded & unloaded with ease and can be transported in any number of configurations.

The Transit Extreme Barrow also features an extending front rack which allows for large items such as buckets, carryalls, Chairs & Bedchairs to be carried securely, thanks to the 2 heavy-duty security straps.

Twin storage pockets on each side of the wheel allow for easy access without the need to remove anything from the loading platform, thanks to side access zips. The Transit Extreme Barrow features a built-in removable carryall that slides out from underneath the loading platform that allows for a large amount of tackle to be stored and makes accessing your gear easier than ever.

  • Extendable front barrow rack with fixing strap allows luggage or buckets to sit right at the front of the barrow
  • Unique adjusting sides allow a whole host of different configurations, so you can customize the width of the barrow to suit your needs
  • Twin storage pockets on either side of the wheel, boasting easy access zips
  • Adjustable height handles
  • Extra-large rear mud feet
  • Shorter legs for improved ground clearance
  • Features hard, waterproof lid
  • Supplied with large under barrow bag on ‘runners’ allowing you to gain access to the bag, even when the barrow is loaded
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