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CC MOORE Pro-Stim Liver Dumbell Wafters 10x15mm (65)

CC MOORE Pro-Stim Liver Dumbell Wafters 10x15mm (65)

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Pro-Stim Liver Dumbell Wafters are hand rolled and are designed for fishing in conjunction with Live System Boilies and other products in the Pro-Stim Liver Boilie Range. Contents: 10 x 15mm Dumbell Wafters = 65 baits per pot Customer Guidance: This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. Soaking and coating these wafters in liquids will reduce their buoyancy. We make our wafters so that they are slightly buoyant rather than critically balanced. This allows the angler to adjust their buoyancy by trimming them down to create a perfectly balanced rig. Warning: This product is for use as a lure only and must not be fed to fish.

  • Tough skin reduces nuisance fish problems
  • Slightly buoyant, easy to trim to rig balance
  • Powerful spicy garlic sausage aroma with rich liver undertone
  • Easy to trim to create the desired buoyancy
  • Colour-matched to Pro-Stim Liver Boilies
  • Contains the same base mix & liquids as Pro-Stim Liver Boilies
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