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CC MOORE Pro-Stim Liver Freezer Baits 10mm 1kg

CC MOORE Pro-Stim Liver Freezer Baits 10mm 1kg

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CC Moore Pro-Stim Liver Boilies are a potent, intensely naturally attractive bait containing highly digestible proteins and water-soluble attractants, Pro-Stim Liver is a unique, nutrient-rich boilie with a distinctive ‘smoked garlic sausage’ profile that stimulates intense feeding.

It is an outstanding fish catching bait designed for use in all four seasons and so is extremely effective for both short session and campaign angling. The result of a 4+year new bait development project, Pro-Stim Liver is a genuinely unique boilie; a bait you will quickly see is completely different to any other bait on the market.

  • Extremely low in oil, potently attractive and outstanding in warm or cold water
  • Intense smoked garlic sausage profile with smooth spiced liver bite
  • Contains essential amino acids derived from carefully selected proteins
  • Contains high quality liver & yeast, marine, poultry & vegetable proteins
  • Easily digested carbohydrates promote greater intake potential
  • Seed, spice and kelp content provides valuable vitamins and minerals
  • Bird food content ensures an open texture and excellent leakage
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