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CC MOORE Pro-Stim Liver Hookbait Booster 50ml

CC MOORE Pro-Stim Liver Hookbait Booster 50ml

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CC Moore Pro-Stim Liver Hookbait Booster, this highly concentrated liquid additive contains a carefully developed blend of attractants designed to intensify and boost the flavour and aroma of our superb Pro-Stim Liver Pop Ups and other hookbaits from the Pro-Stim Liver Boilie Range.

  • Extremely concentrated, thin, colourless booster liquid
  • Powerful taste/aroma that quickly soaks into any hookbait
  • Contains highly effective, proven appetite stimulants
  • A pH-balanced formula delivers intense feeding triggers
  • Designed to be equally effective at any time of the year
  • Use in hookbait formulations at up to 8ml/egg
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