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DAIWA Rockin Roller-6 Leg L

DAIWA Rockin Roller-6 Leg L

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The Daiwa original double ‘rockin roller’ ensures your pole always travels on both rollers, at any typical incline, reducing bounce and enhancing pole protection.

Both editions offer 20° angled end rollers to trap in pole sections and restrict 'lift' of the pole in windy conditions. These also fold down flat for storage.

Allowing for placement of the pole in two parts is a sliding and removable middle upright roller. This lets you splt the rolling across two sides.

All legs are push button locked and can be either located at multiple positions right out to 180°. Alternatively they can be closed into the frame and the roller used at ground level, stabilised thanks to four levered ground spikes.

The four leg version is available in a conventional 80cm width and can be raised to 89cm. The larger six leg design has really set the bar thanks to the solid stability it provideds when all legs are applied. Offering a 120cm width it can be positioned to operate at a height of 135cm and will allow work on almost any variety of difficult terrain.

All rollers rotate on double ball bearings and feature telescopic cam lock legs. Look out too for leg extensions at the end of the year.

  • Supplied in a zippered carry bag
  • All rollers rotate on double ball bearings
  • Two outer upright folding rollers inclined at 20 to trap in pole sections
  • Sliding and removable middle upright roller
  • Push button multi position leg lock
  • Telescopic cam lock legs
  • Low level ground spikes
  • Padded zipped carry bag
  • 6 Leg Large - Width 120cm (Roller 102cm) x Max height 135cm
  • Weight 8.5Kg
  • 4 Leg Medium - Width 80cm (Roller 73cm) x Max height 89cm
  • Weight 6Kg
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