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DAIWA N'Zon Super Slim Feeder

DAIWA N'Zon Super Slim Feeder

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The Super Slim range uses HMC+ to deliver a reduced diameter whilst retaining superb casting properties, blank recovery and fish playing feel.

Their balanced performance of power and lightness is enhanced by the use of weight saving SeaGuide D Ring guides and carbon quiver tips.

Featuring a downlocking reel seat with a cork foregrip, the handle below is shaped EVA with our classic Armlock. This is tapered down to an intermediate indent that is ideally located for locking the rod into our dual rear rod rest.

METHOD FEEDER (NZSSF902Q, 1002Q & 1102Q) Designed to deliver a through action when loaded, the 9’ and 10’ Method editions are ideal for shorter range casting with adequate playing power for commercial waters where carp and F1's prevail. The 11’ edition does show a degree of increased power in the bottom end when the whole rod is compressed. This lends it better to slightly heavier feeders and increased range, however it still offers the ideal level of cushion required for those frantic lunges often encountered with The Method.

FEEDER (NZSSF1202Q & 1303PQ) The main venue type for the 12’ and 13’Q Feeder models are natural waters where wild fish are the target. Designed with a forgiving action for lighter set ups and smaller hooks. The 12’ Q edition is ideal for distances of up to and around 50m whilst the 13’ PQ will serve 60m+ or shorter range work on medium flowing rivers.

MEDIUM FEEDER (NZSSF1203MQ) This is a great ‘all rounder’ for both natural and commercial waters where a degree of distance work is likely. Suited to 50m+ and comfortably handling carp, it can if required also cast up to 120g at shorter ranges. Its super convenient three section assembly packs down to 127cm.

POWER FEEDER (NZSSF10PQ, 1203PQ & 1303XPQ) The shorter 10’ PQ is the go to rod for bigger fish on high catch rate ‘commercial’ waters. Where some distance is required the longer editions come into their own. The 12PQ is for bigger waters and bigger fish whilst the ‘meatier’ 13’ XPQ with its higher loading point is a superior distance weapon that is perfect for rapid rivers too. Both longer models are also three sections, thus packing down conveniently.

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