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DAIWA Rods Airity Pro More F1 Kit Pack

DAIWA Rods Airity Pro More F1 Kit Pack

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Upgrade your current Daiwa pole by adding the new generation of Daiwa Professional top kits. These are the same kit packs that are supplied with the all new Airity Pro 16m pole.

  • All kits cut and fitted with PTFE bushes
  • All No3 sections fitted with PTFE nose cone
  • Interlastic side puller on all kits (except match 4.0mm)


  • 4 x Interlastic Speed Kit ILSK5.8-AU
  • 4 x Professional F1 Top Kit PTKF1S4.7-AU
  • 1 x F1 Cupping Kit F1CK1-AU
  • 1 x PMP 7+8 reversible EXT
  • 1 x PMP 5+6 reversible EXT
  • 2 x HS4A
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