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DAIWA Rods Super Fourth Section

DAIWA Rods Super Fourth Section

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As more anglers fish tight to features or with exact lengths of rigs, sometimes even with no float, the precise length of kits or the complete pole are important aspects of modern pole fishing. For this reason our engineers developed the abbreviated Super Sections (patented pending).

Available as a 3rd, 4th and 5th section, owners of all 'long section' configured Daiwa poles can employ their choice of Super Section to suit their requirements. An added benefit off of this design marvel is the amazing transformation of the poles performance, Balance, action and responsiveness are all enhanced; a major asset for fishing at the longer lengths especially when a Super EXT is employed. And when your shipping down to a top four or five to land bigger fish, the extra robust wall strength allows you to exert more pressure.

Compatibility: DAP, TNPX, CNGP, TTP, SCP, WAT, SM2, CPP, TDRP, SCP SPP, WHP, CRP, MWP, TNP410, CNP510, MWP811 & TNP210

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