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ESP Cryogen Claw Hammer

ESP Cryogen Claw Hammer

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A classic straight point, medium length shank, in-turned eye pattern which is incredibly strong with long, needle sharp points. A super strong, versatile pattern with a wide gape for the straight point lovers, excellent for bottom bait rigs and also as an alternative Ronnie hook when a lower lying presentation is preferred.

  • Longer, finer points that are incredibly sharp straight out of the packet
  • 0.1mm wire diameter increase on the 4’s and 5’s
  • Point length to diameter ratio means the point length is increased in proportion to the wire diameter - maintaining incredibly sharp points even on a relatively heavy wire diameter
  • Heavy forging accentuates the heavier wire gauge
  • Twin tempering process of heat and cryogenic tempering ensures formidable strength and point durability with just the right degree of shock absorbing ‘spring’ - neither too soft nor too brittle
  • Available in barbed and barbless. The slick ptfe coating and micro barbs ensure excellent pricking, penetration and secure hook holds
  • Enlarged eye diameters for thick monofilaments with three times through the eye knotless knots
  • Available in barbed and barbless
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