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DYNAMITE Flavoured Meat

DYNAMITE Flavoured Meat

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Who doesn't love a good meat and corn combo? The Dynamite Baits Sweetcorn Luncheon Meat has two great flavours combined into one! You get the sweetness from the sweet corns mixed with the savoriness of that old school luncheon meat. The perfect fishing treat for any fish on your line!

The enticing, juicy scent of real sweetcorn pieces will make your bait taste even better! The Frenzied Meat range gives you an edge with its ultra-low fat meat. This is perfect for hooking or hair rigging and can be used on any type of fish that tastes good: from carp to chub - it'll keep them coming back again and again.

MeatCorn is great for cutting into cubes when fishing or just ripping off chunks from time to time; these packs come in vacuum-sealed so it stays fresh until you're ready!

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