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DYNAMITE Marine Halibut Pellets 900g

DYNAMITE Marine Halibut Pellets 900g

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These high oil pellets boast the highest fishmeal and fish oil content of any halibut pellet on the market, providing unparalleled pulling power, especially during warmer months when oils leach into the water column most effectively. The inclusion of Super G, Dynamite's pre-digested fishmeal, adds a potent pungency that carp find irresistible. This unique ingredient encourages aggressive feeding behavior, setting these pellets apart from those that rely solely on oils for attraction.

  • High oil pellets
  • Packed full of fishmeal
  • Super G pre-digested fishmeal
  • Includes fish oils
  • Essential amino acids
  • Gets fish feeding aggressively
  • Attracts Carp, Chub &Barbel
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