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DYNAMITE Marine Sweet Fishmeal Groundbait

DYNAMITE Marine Sweet Fishmeal Groundbait

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These days, it's all about the perfect balance of coarse fishmeal based particles in order to create a feeding carpet on your lake or river bed. Dynamite Baits has done just this with their new blend pellet groundbait by creating an enticing mix for any hungry fish!

The sweet, fishmeal packed version of the popular dynamite baits marine halibut groundbait, the Dynamite Baits Marine Pellet Sweet Fishmeal Groundbait, builds on the success of the Marine Halibut groundbait but offers anglers a mix of an increased boost of protein packed fishmeal and a sprinkle of the latest sweet palatant.

This has resulted in a blend of course fishmeal based particles, creating a distinct feeding carpet on the lake/river be
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