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DYNAMITE Source 1kg

DYNAMITE Source 1kg

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The Source is made with natural ingredients, including Haiths Robin Red® to give the bait its deep red colour and spicy flavour, high protein low temperature fishmeal, and several other special ingredients. Also added is the crushed egg shell, which gives the bait a unique texture and a crunch that carp just absolutely love. The added advantage of the crushed egg shell is that this makes the bait much easier for the fish to digest, meaning you’re giving them a tasty treat that’s good for them as well! The Source has been responsible for many captures in both the UK and abroad, from 50lb carp to specimen barbel, and is the go to choice for anglers fishing an unknown water. Dynamite Baits The Source Shelf Life Boilies has been Dynamite’s biggest-selling boilie of all time, and is responsible for putting thousands of carp onto banks, making this true value for money!


  • Haith’s Robin Red®,
  • High Protein Low Temperature Fishmeal,
  • Special Spice Mix,
  • Red Factor®,
  • Crushed Egg Shell,
  • Terry’s Special Attractors
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