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ESP Onyx Big Pit Reel

ESP Onyx Big Pit Reel

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The Onyx is a traditional big pit in the truest sense of the world. Based on the original big pit functionality as a sea fishing reel, ESP have done much more then just ‘carped-up’ the cosmetics – which is more than can be said for other brands on the market! The brand identified key crucial areas where the needs of sea anglers and carp anglers diverged and focussed on modifying the excellent sea fishing big pit functionality to fit with body of a reel that meets carp fishing needs.

Designed with long range distance fishing in mind, the ESP Onyx Big Pit has been fitted with a slow oscillating spool. This ensures that you can achieve perfect line lay, which allows you achieve those vital extra yards when you’re casting to far out features.

These reels come with spools of varying depths, all of which can hold 300m of line (in their respective ideal breaking strains). This was a key decision by the team as it ensures that anglers can use one 1000m spool of line to load up all three of their carp reel – without having to worry about backing line or buying additional line to complete the set. This is just one example of the practical and intuitive thinking that went into the construction of these reels.

The ESP Onyx Big Pit has been fitted with Rapid Lock drag, enabling you to switch between freespool and fight mode in a mere half turn. This ensures solid hooksets each time. The reel is also supplied with an additional ‘fine drag’ adjuster, which offers incremental drag adjustment. The line clip on the reel ensures that you don’t experience any damage on your line, even with fine 10lb lines.

All ESP reels are hand checked before they leave the ESP facility, ensuring their quality each time. The ESP Onyx has been finished in a modern all-black and features a folding handle with carpy dark wooden handle knob.

  • Machined, anodized long cast taper spools
  • Shallow - for 300m of 15lb (0.37mm)
  • Ultra-Shallow - for 300m of 12lb (0.33mm)
  • Slow oscillation ensures exceptionally smooth line lay
  • Which helps distance casting and accuracy
  • Two interchangeable drag adjusters
  • Can be used with either the FD (fine drag)
  • Or can be used RL (rapid lockdown)
  • Quick fold handle for speedy setup and pack down
  • Stainless steel line clip for secure damage free clipping up
  • 7+1 stainless bearings, machined gears and a 4.3:1 gear ratio
  • Rotor brake and front drag grit guard
  • Easily accessible large anti-reverse lever
  • Stylish matt black finish with subtle red decal
  • Every reel thoroughly QA checked by expert in-house staff in the UK
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