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ESP Onyx Rod

ESP Onyx Rod

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Immerse yourself in the elite world of angling with the ESP 12ft Onyx Carp Rod, the newest addition to the ESP line-up. ESP, with its rich heritage, collaboration with angling legend Terry Hearn, and dedication to meticulous craftsmanship, has solidified its position as one of the most esteemed brands in the angling community.

Engineered as a seamless successor to ESP's popular Sniper range, the 12ft Onyx Rod comes in two variants: the 3.0lb and 3.25lb. Each boasts a design of understated sophistication, with a fine 'old school' unground carbon finish that exudes class and durability. The subtle Onyx decal, anodised collars and butt cap, alongside a tastefully coloured ESP logo on the moulded line clip whipping, all contribute to its premium aesthetic.

The defining feature of the ESP 12ft Onyx Carp Rod is its high modulus carbon blank. Its light, well-balanced, and responsive nature allows anglers to have a heightened sense of contact with the fish. The long-range ringing pattern, starting with a 50mm butt guide to a 16mm tip, is fitted with SiC guides – a material that is twelve times harder and significantly lighter than stainless steel. This innovative choice of material reduces heat and friction, facilitating longer, more precise casts.

Additionally, the ESP 12ft Onyx Carp Rod is equipped with a DPS reel seat, providing a secure and sturdy mount for your reel. The rod also features a shrink rubber handle with a flared casting grip. The ergonomic design of this grip ensures comfort and reduces fatigue, making it a pleasure to handle even during long casting sessions.

Coming to the performance, the two variants offer slightly different actions. The 12ft 3.0lb model has a slightly more supple nature with a softer tip, ideal for protecting against hook pulls. This variant can comfortably cast a 2.5 oz lead well beyond the 100-metre mark, providing ample distance for most fishing scenarios. For those seeking a little more power, the 12ft 3.25lb model boasts a stronger, stiffer action. To maximise the casting range with this model, a 3-4 oz lead is recommended.

  • Light, well balanced and responsive, high modulus carbon
  • SiC Guides in a long range ringing pattern
  • From 50mm butt guide to 16mm tip
  • Shrink rubber handle with an ergonomic casting grip
  • DPS reel fitting along with anodized butt cap and collars
  • SiC guides
  • 50mm butt guide
  • Moulded ESP line clip
  • Subtle branding
  • 'old school' unground carbon finish
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