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FJUKA BAITS Squeez-Ready™ Sweet Method Pellets 2mm

FJUKA BAITS Squeez-Ready™ Sweet Method Pellets 2mm

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Fjuka Squeez-Ready Sweet Pellets are the latest addition to the popular Squeez-Ready range from Fjuka which was their biggest selling product of 2023. Demand was so high for the ready-prepped pellets and groundbaits that we have now launched Sweet versions. The new Sweet Sensate™ flavour is carried by Fjuka’s trademarked system of delivering attractants into the water faster. Loaded with this Sweet Sensate Fish Accelerant the pre-prepared pellets bring bites quicker and increase catch rates!

Sweet Method Pellets 2mm are the same as the original pellet but with a distinctive sweet Sensate™ Fish Accelerant flavouring added. A real edge for certain situations, species and times of year. These micro pellets have been designed to Fishing World Champion Tommy Pickering’s exact specifications and is ideal when fishing for a variety of species including F1s, carp, bream and tench. The addition of the sweet Fjuka Sensate Fish Accelerant gives these pellets a real edge, as the powder creates a cloud of fish attractant as soon as it hits the water which will attract fish to your baited area in all conditions.

Perfect for a variety of tactics, from moulding around hybrid feeders and method feeders to squeezing the mix into balls for loose feeding around a float. As these pellets are ready to go straight out the bag, you don’t have to worry about getting the pellets to the right consistency, for sticking on a feeder or making a ball. Just open the bag and they are perfect and ready to use!

  • Ready-prepped real pellets with no preservatives
  • Quality low oil fish & fishery-friendly
  • Ideal molded around method & hybrid feeders
  • Developed to Tommy Pickering’s spec
  • Squeeze into balls to loosefeed
  • Loaded with Sensate™ Fish Accelerant for quick sport
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