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FOX Edges Armapoint Super Wide Gape Long Shank Hooks

FOX Edges Armapoint Super Wide Gape Long Shank Hooks

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Fox Edges Armapoint Super Wide Gape Long Shank Fishing Hook, The Wide Gape Long Shank has been developed with the intention of creating the ultimate modern carp hook, combining key elements from the greatest fish catching patterns, for use on the most popular rigs around today.

We started with a long shank hook, renowned for its hooking properties, we added to that a slight, but sweeping curve, this ensures the hook will turn in an instant once inside the carps mouth, putting it in the prefect hooking position. A wide gape was also required, to give the point as much chance of catching hold as possible.

Finally, a beaked point to ensure that once hooked the hook remains in place and the chances of it pulling are reduced. Never have all these elements been combined in a carp hook and the result is deadly! These hooks are perfectly suited to Ronnie/Spinner rig presentations alongside all manner of different bottom bait and popup rigs.

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