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Greys Aircurve 12ft

Greys Aircurve 12ft

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Greys is a brand which is committed to manufacturing top quality rods and ever since the 1960s the brand has benefited from a cult following of passionate anglers. This range of carp fishing rods has been hotly anticipated and it more than lives up to its staggering expectations. There are three types of handle option in the Greys AirCurve Carp Rod range: a full cork, a full shrink, and an abbreviated handle.

This is because the team behind the design of these rods recognised that different anglers looked for different qualities in their rods and the team didn’t want anyone missing out on the joy of fishing with a Greys AirCurve simply because their personal preference was for a different handle style. This is the cork handled rod in the range and it boasts a whole range of features which make it the perfect option for the traditional carp angler who still wants to benefit from the advances that modern technology offers.

One of the first things that you’ll notice about this Greys AirCurve Cork Handle Rod is its toreon nano composite blank construction. This is Greys very own blank material which the team designed to ensure that its rods could outperform any other offering on the market. In laymen’s terms, this construction means that nano particles are evenly disturbed through the blank resin, binding the carbon fibres together. This ensures that this rod blank is both stronger and lighter than most traditional blanks. As you can imagine, a strong and light blank allows the manufacturer to create an ultra-slim and powerful rod.

To further strengthen this rod, it has been finished with a carbon armour and a lightweight 1k carbon weave throughout, creating a powerful and durable backbone for all your carp fishing needs. This rod boasts a semi-fast taper which complements its super model thin image – perfect for the carp angler who wants to look good whilst they are performing to the best of their abilities on the bank.

The rod has been fitted with a deluxe Fuji DPS 18 reel seat. This offers supreme security for your reel whilst it is attached to your rod, ensuring that you benefit from fantastic torque resistance when you’re targeting large and hard fighting carp. This holds your setup firmly, so you can put as much power through your reel as you need when you’re trying to bring in a large double figure carp.

The G-lite Ulralite SiC guides guides on the rod are in a 50mm pattern, which ensure that you can fish with a variety of carp fishing line types over a huge distance with confidence. Equally, the AirCurve has been fitted with a unique universal adjustable line clip. This can be positioned at any point on the rod and it is compatible with a whole range of different line types. This allows you to fish on the clip, with incredibly casting accuracy, without worrying that you’re going to cause damage to your line.

The rod is supplied with its very own neoprene tip and butt protectors as standard, although for a more comprehensive protection it is recommended that you invest in heavy duty luggage. As the name suggests, this rod is fitted with a full cork handle. This not only gives the rod a traditional look but it also ensures that you’re able to get a faultless grip on your rod in a whole range of weather conditions. The whole Greys AirCurve Cork Handle outfit is finished with a laser engraved stainless steel butt cap.

This rod is available in a whole range of test curves and lengths, each offering its own benefits for different angling styles. The 12ft 3lb rod option is ideal for the angler looking to cast up to 140yards, making it ideal for a whole range of fishing scenarios. The 12ft 3.25lb option is the ultimate versatile rod in the range. Casting well over 160 yards, this rod boasts a hidden power that can comfortably cope with hard fighting carp.

The final 12ft rod has a 3.5lb test curve and it is the perfect big lake tool. If you want to play big fish at huge distances then this rod is ideal for you. However, if its 180yard casting potential isn’t enough for you then you’ll be made-up with the 13ft 3.5lb rod. This rod will let you surpass 200yards time after time – with little effort.

Key Features

  • New Toreon Nano Composite material
  • Carbon Armour blank finish
  • Lightweight 1k carbon weave throughout
  • Deluxe Fuji DPS18 reel seat
  • G-lite Ultralite SIC guides
  • 50mm distance ringing pattern
  • Supplied with unique universal adjustable line clip
  • Supplied with neoprene tip &butt protectors
  • Laser engraved stainless steel butt cap
  • Cork Handle
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