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GURU Aventus Match Power Kit 4.7mm

GURU Aventus Match Power Kit 4.7mm

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The Aventus Match Power Kit is a true all-round top kit that is extremely versatile, aimed to cover most pole fishing situations, on both commercial and natural venues. Featuring a 4.7mm tip bore size, suiting thin to medium pole elastics perfectly.

The Aventus Match Power Kit is made up of two sections and comes ready to fish – Section 1 is the thinner of the two sections and comes pre-bushed with a premium Internal PTFE bush, that has an internal diameter of 2.75mm that is perfect for both solid and hollow pole elastics, up to a size 16 MAX. Section 2 features a carbon wrap 30cm up from the base of the section, this has been purposely designed to side elastic puller. During testing we found this carbon wrap placement to be the optimum positioning for elastic performance. However, if you choose to not use a side puller and prefer a traditional bung, this can also be done via the base of this second section.

The Aventus Match Power Kit when fully assembled is 2.4 metres in length. Again, during countless hours of testing with different length top kits, the Guru team found this to be the perfect length for most pole fishing situations.

Aventus Match Power Kit - Total Weight = 40g

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