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GURU Aventus SR Light Feeder Rods

GURU Aventus SR Light Feeder Rods

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These feeder rods have been developed exclusively with Steve Ringer to create a range that will cover all his silver fish fishing but still have the power and backbone to use for short range commercial carp fishing.

Each rod has a nice progressive action but with enough power to cast the maximum distance with ease and accuracy.

Supplied with 3 new Aventus LT ZERO90 quiver tips. Each tip has been designed with a new tapered guide system to improve the balance of the tip for better bite detection.

  • ZERO90 Super Tensile Carbon has allowed us to make a slimmer progressive tapered blank that has the power to cast accurately but still maintain a nice soft fish playing action.
  • RJD Rigid Joint System integrated with spigot joints this gives the rod a more natural curve all the way through the blank.
  • FUJI K Anti Tangle Guides have been applied to these rods to reduce the risk of thin mono and braided lines frapping up on the butt guide during the cast.
  • FUJI TVS Reel Seat has a slim ergonomic shape which is designed to feel more comfortable in your hand and also create a nice balanced profile to the handle of the rod.
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