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GURU Bagger Floats

GURU Bagger Floats

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The Bagger pole floats are the ideal pole float when fishing against a mudline or fishing down the edge. Featuring a 0.9mm fiberglass stem, which is super durable and will not break or snap under pressure. Also, the 2mm hollow plastic bristle is very visible even in low light conditions or against any bankside vegetation.

Suitable for supporting heavy baits such as worms or corn which are used a lot when fishing in these kinds of conditions. A round body is also featured on this float, this helps keep the float nice and stable, especially due to the mathods it will be put through when fishing in shallow water with fish wafting the rig around, this helps keep it all in one place.

This float is available in 0.3g and 0.4g, nice and heavy floats to keep your hook bait still and maintain good presentation of your rig. A hand-glued extra long side eye is used on this pattern to increase the strength of the float. Each pole float is made by hand at Guru HQ to the highest standard.

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