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GURU Keepnets

GURU Keepnets

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Guru has tried to make these New Guru keepnets as fish-friendly as possible but also as practical as the angler requires them to be.

Guru keepnets are designed for match and pleasure anglers that need to hold fish in their swim for short periods as you gather camera and fish care gear. The Guru fishing keepnets come in a choice of 2.5m Silver Match, 3m Carp Match, or 4m International Match designs to cover a range of situations and species, and they are all built to last for many seasons.

No matter the size you choose, the Guru keepnet features a top ring that is oversized so that you can easily get your landing net into the keep net when you need to transfer your fish nice and safely. The rings are weighted to ensure that the nets sink properly and remain stretched out, and there is an external sleeve to protect the net from wear around the rings, one of the areas that has traditionally always been weakest and the first to wear out.

Made from a fish-friendly super soft mesh , you can look after your catch as much as possible, and a dark finish helps to keep the fish calm whilst they are in the net. The screw thread can be adjusted to any angle for perfect positioning. When it comes to retrieving your catch at the end of the session, smaller lower rings (the bottom three) allow you to pull the rings through to help to get the fish out for weighing in or returning them.

A fantastic choice for the angler that loves to bag up these Guru Keepnets prove that they are perfect for both the competitive and casual anglers alike.
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