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GURU Kuranku Barbed Hooks

GURU Kuranku Barbed Hooks

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The Guru Kuranku Barbed Fishing Hook is ideal for natural-style venues where a barbed hook is needed. The hook's unique shape and durable black nickel material ensure that it maintains a high degree of strength, while maintaining a fine wire diameter that keeps the hook lightweight. The advantage of lightweight hook patterns comes in handy when fishing for bream, skimmers, and other finicky silverfish.

As a forged hook, it has ultimate strength for its thin wire diameter, and the wide gape and offset point maximize hooking potential and hold fish firmly. Due to its fine and light nature, the hook is an excellent choice for a wide variety of bait, including maggots, pinkies, redworms, redworm bloodworms, casters and more. These fishing hooks are sure to be a hit on the continent, especially in natural settings.

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