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GURU Loop Tyer Medium

GURU Loop Tyer Medium

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The Guru Loop Tyer has been designed to allow easy loop tying and creating the perfect same sized loop every single time. Great for rigs and hook lengths, using a loop tyer will improve presentation and have your fishing rigs fishing efficiently.

Featuring super smooth edges, the Guru Loop Tyer will prevent any kinks or damage to your fishing line, keeping that strength factor when landing lots of fish or large bonus fish. A great addition is the handy disgorger for use on the bank situated on the other end of the loop tyer. Available in small and medium sizes, the Guru Loop Tyer is finished in the signature Guru orange colour and will help you tie loops to whatever size you desire!

  • Guru Loop Tyer Tool
  • Allows you to tie the perfect same sized loop every single time
  • Prevents kinks or damage to your line
  • Available in Small or Medium
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