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GURU Small Inline Feeders

GURU Small Inline Feeders

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With its unique design and proven results, the Guru Hybrid Feeder has become a favourite among a wide range of coarse and match fishing fanatics.

Guru is a brand that is famous for working closely with anglers who are experts in their fields, their ‘gurus’, in order to create innovative and highly practical tackle that really does make a difference on the bank.

This is a terminal tackle item that has really benefited from the input of the tackle gurus and there are a number of features on this feeder that really set it apart from the others available on the market today.

The first and most noticeable of these features is the contoured, raised lip on the feeder. This ensures that the parcel of bait in the feeder remains enclosed, combining the benefits of the method and pellet feeder styles.

This Hybrid inline feeder also has the added bonus of ensuring that you’re able to cast with ease, even when you’re using one of the larger and weightier feeders in the range.

Another feature that you’re likely to notice is the holes in the base of the feeder and slits in the walls of the feeder. These allow the water to break down your chosen bait as soon as it hits the water. One benefit of this is the quick release of attractants into your venue, drawing in your target fish quickly. This also ensures that any fish that is drawn in will be quickly led to your perfectly presented hook bait.

If you’re an angler who struggles for time at the bank then the Guru Hybrid Feeder is an excellent way to get more bites more immediately after casting. The Guru Hybrid Feeder is also compatible with the Guru X-Safe system, so if you’re an angler who is a fan of elasticated feeder systems you’ll love the combination of the Hybrid and X-Safe.

The Guru Hybrid Feeder is available in a variety of sizes and weights, from a mini capacity 24g feeder to a large capacity 55g feeder. This ensures that you’re covered for fishing short, medium, and long-range fishing in a variety of waters.

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