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GURU ST8 Team Seatbox 2.0

GURU ST8 Team Seatbox 2.0

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These are the latest updated versions of the Guru Rive Team Seatboxes - the MK2 models! There are some really handy and cool little improvements from the original team seatboxes, on top of all the original features.

The new seatboxes feature Rive’s top-end ‘Dream Cushion’. This is water resistant, very strong, and retains shape while being super comfortable. These are handmade in Strasburg, the highest end cushions that Rive produce, and the new boxes have unique updated Guru ‘Team’ embroidery

  • The Orange box features improved paint to minimise fading (UV protection paint)
  • Updated backplate with ‘KNOWLEDGE IS POWER’ added on, cool branding and new style
  • New stylish embossed branding on the sides of the boxes
  • A key feature is the under-seat tray, on which the stacker is magnetized too. This is very secure and quickly/easily locks in place without having to use knobs and handles. Once the stacker is removed, the under-box tray is very useful for extra storage, especially when sat in the water and wading.
  • The box is supplied with a fully loaded mixed winder tray, with green and pink Rive winders, ready to get rigging!
  • Coloured Alu draw fascias - these match the boxes - Orange/Grey
  • 30mm side drawer
  • Extra 30mm storage tray under the side drawer
  • 36mm legs (four of which are telescopic with 25mm inserts)
  • Personalised ‘Team’ strap and box cover provided
  • HSP footplate, with non-slip finish/cover
  • Branded stacker lid
  • Pole seat with colour coded butt strap for holding the pole stable between the legs
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