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GURU Tops and Tails

GURU Tops and Tails

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The Guru Tops and Tails have been designed to keep ready-made rods safe and organised.

Featuring two padded pockets, clearly identified as Top and Tail aimed to connect the rod at the top (thinner end) and the tail (rod butt/thicker end). These padded pockets add extra protection for fragile tip sections.

Connecting the rod is a heavy-duty elastic band which keeps the rod sections firmly in place, along with a movable centre band that can be positioned and locked into place at any position throughout the rod. This movable centre-band also features a small accessory pouch that can be used to store your feeder rigs, stems, preventing tangles and potential breakages.

The Tops and Tails fit any length match rod and will accommodate any length two-piece or three-piece rods from 9’ right up to 12’ two piece rods.

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