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GURU X-CHANGE BAIT UP 12' 2pc 280g

GURU X-CHANGE BAIT UP 12' 2pc 280g

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Designed and developed specifically for baiting-up for the serious feeder angler, with the likes of Steve Ringer having a big hand in these latest tools coming to market! During the current feeder fishing boom, anglers have required a specialist rod for baiting-up, enabling them to be quick and efficient during the process.

These two-piece rods are available in 10’ and 12’ versions to cater for the different distances that anglers now need to bait-up at, with casting weights of up to 170g (10’) and 280g (12’) allowing anglers to bait-up with big, heavy and feed-packed feeders effectively. The powerful and fast action of the rods means that they can be compressed and loaded-up to cast to long-range with upmost accuracy, while the rapid tip action helps to empty the feeder as the rod is jerked, releasing the bait from the feeder perfectly. This can be used to empty the feeder at different depths to gain calculated baiting-up edges.

Having strategically placed anti-frap guides prevent crack offs when punching heavy feeders out, and the end eye on both rods is ‘anti-frap’ preventing the annoying twist-up that often happens when baiting up with big feeders around the end eye on the swing-back of a cast. Of course there’s the long handle and bespoke Guru butt-grip for ultimate comfort, control and accuracy. Ideally, the rods can be used in conjunction with X-Change Bait-Up Braid and Bait-Up Feeders, which are all designed to hold then release feed effectively and make up a deadly bait-up range of products.

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