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KORDA Buckets Light Kamo

KORDA Buckets Light Kamo

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The COMPAC Bucket is a fishing bucket, it isn’t going to catch you more carp and we aren’t going to pretend that it does anything revolutionary, BUT these have been designed by anglers to ensure they are as practical as possible. They feature our exclusive custom KAMO camouflage print which means that they blend in with your surroundings.

The COMPAC Buckets are square in shape, meaning that it is very easy to get that last bit of bait out of the bottom of them when filling a Spomb by hand, as well as giving a straight edge to fill up a baiting spoon or spod against, when scooping bait out of them. The sealable lid helps to prevent anything leaking out of them during transit – such as hemp juice all over the inside of your car. This also stops moisture getting inside, which is particularly useful with the smallest model in the range, which is perfect when used as a PVA bag bucket.

Anything can be stored in them, but primarily they are designed as bait containers, although the larger size does also double up as a seat when stalking or if you have a guest in your swim, depending on weight of course. The raised lip around the lid prevents anything rolling off of them which means they work great as a small bivvy table too.
The COMPAC Bucket square design makes them easy to stack and means you don’t waste space when they’re in your vehicle, and a strong handle makes them easy to carry or be hung from the handles of your barrow.

Three sizes are available to cover any situation – whether you are prepping a some spots in the margins with a few handfuls, or putting out a large bed of bait – with 5, 10 or 17 litre models.


  • 5 Litre – W:25cm x D21.5cm x H15cm
  • 10 Litre – W28cm x D24cm x H21.5cm
  • 17 Litre – W28cm x D25.5cm x H29.5cm
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