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KORDA Compac Digital Scales Pouch

KORDA Compac Digital Scales Pouch

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The Compac Digital Scales Pouch will ensure your Korda Digital Scales stay in perfect working order and ready for whenever you catch that special fish!

Like all of the Compac luggage range, these pouches are constructed from high performance, military grade fabrics and components, to ensure they perform as they should and are also hard-wearing and long-lasting.

The outside of the pouch is made from strong, lightweight, durable and water resistant fabric, to help ensure that your scales stay dry – as water and electronics don’t mix well together! A padded foam lining keeps your scales well protected and stops them getting knocked around whilst in transit. This stylish pouch also features a Compac logo and a heavy duty zip, complete with puller, for easy access to your scales.

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