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KORDA Distance Casting and Distance Heli Leads

KORDA Distance Casting and Distance Heli Leads

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Looking to maximize your casting distance? Look no further than our Tournament Casting Swivel lead! Engineered for ultimate performance, this lead boasts a sleek design that enhances your casting capabilities like never before.

Similar to the original Distance Casting Swivel lead, but with a slight adjustment for increased nose-heavy balance, the Tournament Casting Swivel lead guarantees exceptional stability, even in challenging crosswinds. This means you can achieve remarkable distances with ease, using a lighter lead without compromising on reach.

The streamlined shape not only optimizes aerodynamics for extended casting range but also minimizes the risk of frustrating tangles, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free angling experience.

Available in a range of sizes from 1.5oz to 6oz, our Tournament Casting Swivel lead offers versatility to match your fishing needs. Elevate your casting game and unlock unparalleled distance with this top-of-the-line lead option.

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