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KORDA Extenda Stops

KORDA Extenda Stops

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These clever hair stops allow you to quickly adjust the length of your hair without having to change your rig. Whether you want to tweak your rig and leave a wider gap between your hookbait and hook, or just want to use a larger sized bait, but still with the same separation, these are a great option that doesn’t involve changing your hook link.

Three different size of stop are available, which will increase your hair length by different amounts – Small is 35mm long; Medium is 75mm; and Large is 115mm. The way hat the stop locates within the hookbait also makes them a great choice on venues where crayfish are a problem, as they are far less likely to be pulled out of your hair loop. You get 180 of the Small size in each packet; 108 of Medium; and 72 of Large.

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