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Introducing Goo, the game-changing liquid that's been responsible for landing countless carp since its debut. Developed by Kiana, Goo is meticulously crafted from a sophisticated blend of aminos and attractors, delivering the ultimate liquid solution for every fishing scenario.

Our Goo Smokes and Power Smokes boast a thicker viscosity, specifically engineered for external application on your bait. Versatile and easy to use, these formulas adhere effortlessly to the surface of hookbaits, Funnelweb PVA bags, Method feeders, floaters, and more, ensuring they stay put even during the most powerful casts.

Experience the versatility of Goo Smokes as they can be dried onto hookbaits to create an enticing 'bon bon' effect, or applied to freebies for added attraction. With varying viscosities available, our Smokes cater to different water conditions, dispersing effectively to create a tantalizing cloud of attraction, particularly in warmer waters.

Not limited to hookbaits, Goo can also be incorporated into spod mixes and groundbait, enhancing attraction and generating a captivating cloud that entices carp throughout the water column.

Whether used alone or in combination with other Goo variants, the possibilities are endless for creating your personalized scent, taste, and color profile, ensuring you have the edge on every fishing expedition. Elevate your angling game with Goo and watch as the carp come flocking to your bait.

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