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KORDA Heli-Safes and Accessories

KORDA Heli-Safes and Accessories

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Heli Safe -

This ingenious system revolutionised fishing with helicopter rigs, as it meant that leads could consistently be discharged as soon as you hooked a fish, whenever the situation meant that this was essential.

As well as dropping the lead when you are fishing in very weedy or snaggy situations, it is also popular with anyone using a chod rig, where ejecting the lead increases your chances of landing a fish, especially at long range where a heavy lead is being used. There is also the option though to fit a small plastic collar (supplied) which fixes the lead in place, for use in situations where dropping it isn’t necessary, but you still want the versatility that the Heli-Safe System offers.

It can be used in conjunction with leaders – such as any ring swivel leader in our Dark Matter or Kable Leadcore ranges, which can be adapted to fit the Heli-Safe bead – or with a naked set-up with your main line straight through to it. Heli-Safe System works perfectly in conjunction with our Leadcore Chod Safety or Naked Chod Safety systems.

Each pack contains two Heli-Safe beads, in a choice of green or brown, along with all the bits you need to make it work – including instructions.

Mini Heli Safe -

The Mini Heli-Safe is a scaled down, compact version of the original and retains all of the features that helped to make it such a huge success… plus a few more.
It still works in exactly the same way, which was revolutionary when the Heli-Safe first hit the market. We were able to arm anglers with a way to fish any helicopter style presentation, but with the ability to drop the lead as soon as a fish was hooked. This was a massive advantage in weedy or snaggy situations, or when using set-ups such as chod rigs.

The Heli-Safe also allowed anglers to fish in this way quickly and effectively, simply by attaching a lead to the system, and the product did the rest, releasing the lead as soon as your hook link swivel pulled against the top of the bead. Technology has moved on since then, and we have managed to make the system much smaller, which not only makes it less obtrusive on the lake bed; but also reduces drag through the air and will improve your distance when fishing at extreme range; as well as making it less likely to get caught in weed or snags during the fight, once the lead has been jettisoned.

Aside from being more compact, the biggest difference to the original is that it now has three different ways that it can be set – it comes fitted with the normal tensioning spring that you will be familiar with from the original and which allows the lead to be dropped as soon as there is any pressure on the top of the Heli-Safe; but is also now supplied with a red spring which requires significantly more pressure to be applied before it ejects the lead, and is perfect in situations where you only need to get rid of the lead on the odd occasion and the lake is fairly clear of weed and snags; it also still comes with a collar, like the original, that prevents the lead from being ejected at all.

The Mini Heli-Safe comes supplied with a size 11 half barrel swivel and can either be fished naked or with leadcore. Despite its smaller size, it is still incredibly strong and can withstand the force of using any of the leads in our range, even when casting extreme distances.

NOTE: Mini Heli-Safe is not compatible with Dark Matter leaders or the Heli-Safe Tubing Kit.

Colours: Weed or Gravel

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