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KORDA Infuzas

KORDA Infuzas

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The Infuza has been designed specifically for glugging hookbaits and has some features which make it far better than adding liquid attractors to the pot that the baits came in. An internal tray sits neatly into the Infuza and has holes for drainage, allowing any excess liquid to drain into the base of it and prevents you from getting covered in it when you want to take a bait out and use it.

It is also useful for use with different sizes and colours of baits – or even types of baits, such as a mixture of pop-ups and Fake Food rubber baits, all being soaked in the same liquid – as by lifting out the tray you can easily see what you have and pick out the bait that you want to use.

Simply give the Infuza a shake every now and again to make sure your baits remain coated in liquid, and if using a Supreme Goo, it will eventually soak right through to the core of a pop-up or wafter. It features a screw lid to help prevent leakages, and a choice of Small or Large sizes.

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