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KORDA Kable Leadcore Leader QC Swivel

KORDA Kable Leadcore Leader QC Swivel

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These ready-tied Kable leadcoreleaders are as good as anything that you can construct yourself and save you the time, effort, and any element of doubt that you’ve done it correctly. The only decision you have to make, is what length leader suits the type of fishing situation as the leaders are available in 1m and 50cm long versions.

Each leader is constructed from our incredibly tough and fast-sinking Kable leadcore, with a Size 8 Ring Swivelspliced to one end of it and a spliced loop at the other end so that it can quickly be attached and detached from your main line as required. The Size 8 Ring Swivel version is extremely versatile as they can be used in conjunction with various Korda components such as Lead Clips, Inline Leads and Running Rigs, giving you the flexibility to change your approach quickly and efficiently.

Each pack contains three Kable Ring SwivelLeaders, in a choice of Weed/Silt or Gravel Brown colours.

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