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KORDA Krank Multi Rigs

KORDA Krank Multi Rigs

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The Krank Ready Rig is a simple but very effective ready-tied set-up and all you need to do is take it out of the packet, attach it to your chosen lead system,put a bait on and cast it out, safe in the knowledge that you’re using a rig with great hooking properties that is tied to exacting standards.

This rig features our Krank hook in conjunction with Kamo coated braid, in a breaking strain to suit the size of hook being used – 30lb for size 2; 20lb for size 4; and 15lb for sizes 6, 8 and 10. This is a simple knotless knot rig, with some of the Kamo stripped back by the hook to make the most of its ability to flip over and take a hold in the mouth, and a loop at the swivel end to ensure the rig sits flush to the lake bed and kicks out like a boom.

Each rig comes with Extenda bait stops included, so that the rig can be used with any size of hookbait on the same length hair. The rigs are available in both barbed and barbless versions, with one per packet.

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