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KORDA Longshank Beaked Barbed

KORDA Longshank Beaked Barbed

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The original Korda Longshank X was based on the popular, original fly hook patterns, which found favour with carp anglers due to their shape and hooking ability – we made them much stronger and sharper.

Fast forward 20 years and DF has been tweaking this ultimate carp catcher once again. Heavily influenced by his underwater experiences, Dan decided to make two major changes to one of his favourite patterns, making it an even deadlier option within his armoury.

The first change was to create the hook with a beaked point. During testing, the beaked point provided more secure hook holds, increasing the hooked fish to landed ratio significantly.

The other change was to in-turn the eye even further. The original pattern has a 20 degree in-turned eye, the new beaked version increases this to 40 degrees. This helps the hook flip and turn extremely quickly in the carp’s mouth, ensuring consistently good hook-holds.

In keeping with the original pattern, the Longshank Beaked is forged, with a stepped-up wire gauge for extra strength, whilst maintaining its durability with a PTFE coating.

  • Available in sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8, barbed and barbless, with ten hooks per pack.
  • Developed by DF
  • Beaked point
  • 40 degree in-turned eye
  • Extremely strong
  • PTFE coated
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