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KORDA Marker Leads

KORDA Marker Leads

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These are the ultimate leads for feature finding and will give you more ‘feel’ than anything else on the market. The Marker Lead features four prongs to enhance the feeling that you get as your drag it across the bottom, and if it glides back towards you then you know that the area is very clean and hard.

They are uncoated, which also helps increase feedback to the rod tip, and means that you can easily see scratches when they’ve been pulled across lumpier gravel, or even bits of clay stuck to them! The one situation where they aren’t really suitable is where it is very weedy, as the shape means that they will constantly get stuck and pick up lots of weed – although that does also mean that they can be using for clearing small areas of weed on the bottom, like a mini rake – and in this situation our Marker Lead Probe is the best option. The distance casting shape means that they will accurately fly a long way, and they come in 2oz, 3oz, and 4oz sizes to cover all situations.

The Marker Leads are sold in packs of two – either 2oz/3oz or 3oz/4oz.

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