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KORDA N-Trap Hooklinks

KORDA N-Trap Hooklinks

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Type and Breaking Strain

N-Trap Soft -

N-Trap Soft is one of our earlier coated braid materials, yet it is still very popular and is suitable for tying a vast variety of different rigs, such as the multi rig.

It features a tough, matt coloured coating which is very easy to strip, yet won’t split when tightening down knots, and is still limp enough that it will sit flush to the lakebed. The inner braid is a very tough Dyneema, which matches the colour of the coating, to help make it as unobtrusive as possible, and comes in a choice of Weedy Green, Silt or Gravel Brown versions.

It comes in a range of breaking strains to cover pretty much any angling situation at home or abroad – 15lb, 20lb or 30lb. Each spool contains 20m of N-Trap Soft.

N-Trap Stiff -

This is a stiffer version of our original, and incredibly popular, N-Trap Soft coated braid. It features a tough, matt-finish coating which is still very easy to strip back, so as to reveal the strong Dyneema inner braid. N-Trap Semi-Stiff knots very well, and without the outer coating breaking in places where you don’t want to add extra movement. It can be used to create a vast variety of different rigs, including combi-links, multi rigs and KD presentations, as well as making the ideal boom material for things such as soft hinged rigs.

It comes in a choice of 15lb, 20lb or 30lb versions to cover any angling situation at home or abroad, and in Weedy Green, Gravel Brown, or Silt colourations so that you can match it to the type of lake bed you’re fishing on. Each spool contains 20m of N-Trap Semi-Stiff.

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