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KORDA Polar Fleece Jacket | Charcoal

KORDA Polar Fleece Jacket | Charcoal

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Stylish enough to wear to a social or around town while you're popping in to your local AD tackle shop, the Korda Kore Polar Fleece Jacket is a great choice for all your autumn and early winter angling, and an effective layer under a warm waterproof for those hardy souls who mean it when they say they fish all year through.

With a high neck keeping bankside breezes at bay, this fleece jacket is all about comfort and warmth, and designed to see you through the coldest nights. A full zip, with durable guides and puller, sees you snug in next to no time, while deep side pockets, also fitted with durable zippers, can accommodate small tackle pouches, rig wallets, and other terminal tackle essentials. At the top of the chest section, a vertical zipped pocket provides the ideal place to keep your phone, car keys, and rod licence.

Subtle yet stylish charcoal grey is the perfect cooler weather colour, pairing well with almost any colour of other clothing, and blending with the mists and colours of the bankside, whether you're fishing rural commercials under dense cloud, or the concrete banks of urban canals. When carp fishing is a core part of your lifestyle, you can rely on Korda's Kore range of comfortable, stylish thermal clothing to keep you warm and relaxed throughout your session.

  • M-XXL
  • Deep side pockets
  • Zipped vertical chest pocket
  • Warm, comfortable, and stylish
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