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KORDA Stow Heads and Accessories

KORDA Stow Heads and Accessories

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Stow Heads

Spare heads in different colours are available for the Stow Indicator, so if you fancy a change you don’t have to buy the complete indicator again. The Stow is based on the original hand-made Elstow bobbins which have achieved cult status, and this spare head can simply be switched for the one on your existing Stow Indicator. Each pack contains one Stow Head, with a choice of green, red, yellow, blue, white, purple, orange, or black available.

Stowaway Cases

Although the Stow is a very robust indicator, it can still get damaged if not looked after properly inbetween sessions and when in transit, but this ingenious Stowaway Case prevents any chance of that happening. This tough, hard plastic case is designed to hold your Stow Indicators securely in place during transit, with the Stow Heads clipping neatly into the case, and a clever magnet design at the base of it to retain the Extension Chains. Two different versions are available to holds either two or three Stow Indicators. 

  • Protect your Stow bobbins during transit
  • Tough, hard plastic
  • Heads clip in place
  • Magnetic base retains chains
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