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KORDA Zig Floats

KORDA Zig Floats

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Adjustable zigs are an incredibly effective way of fishing this method as they allow you to vary the depth that they are set at without the need to recast, and when fishing them a long way off of the bottom they make it far easier to land a fish, and cast out, than with a traditional zig. The Zig Kit includes everything that you need to set up the perfect adjustable zig and to fish it in an effective and tangle-free way. The precision, blow-moulded inline float features a soft rubber insert which holds a size 11 QC Swivel, and it also comes with an anti-tangle sleeve supplied – this allows you to ensure that your hook link isn’t twisted at all before you cast out, and this is essential to ensure that it works properly once it is in the water.

The Zig Kit also comes supplied with a stem to attach your lead to and which allows the float to easily be popped up and adjusted as desired. The stem is constructed features a large ring to allow your main line to run through it freely and a foam polyball to keep this ring clear of any debris on the bottom, and at the other end of it is a ball bearing swivel with a Kwik Link, which allows rapid rotation and helps prevent tangles. All you need to add is a hook length and bait, and a piece of dissolvable foam, and you’re ready to cast out! Two different sizes are available – medium and large – so that the Zig Kit can be used at any range.

Each kit contains a Zig Float, Anti Tangle Sleeve, Size 11 QC Swivel and lead boom.

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